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What's your address?
by Tanisha DuBransky | Mom of Action on October 12th, 2016

Starting at around age 3, we began memorization of safety information with our boys. My oldest is 6 and he learned his address quickly after we printed a sign like this and put it over his bed. He sleeps on the top bunk so we taped it to the ceiling.

He read the sign every night until he could recite it with his eyes closed. Although we had practiced verbally for over a year before he began reading, the visual image of his address cemented this learning for him. Most beneficial for use was that he could glance at it anytime, so he didn't need us to remind him to go over it. He is also able to write it correctly since he's seen it in print.
Note: We stopped at "City, State." My oldest was memorizing his phone number at the same time and we didn't want to confuse him by adding the zip code. 
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