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Check out my Amazon eStore for a list of parenting books, brain-building toys, and children's products.
Intelligent Nest is my go-to site for a balanced approach to common parenting issues for parents of newborns, infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. The toy rotation system and toy recommendation guide will change the way you think about play. I talk about why we use a toy rotation system here.


Power of Moms is filled with resources, articles written by moms, simple ideas, and systems to organize your brain, your life, and your stuff! Mind Organization for Moms, based on David Allen's book Getting Things Done, changed my life!


The National Sleep Foundation ​has up-to-date information on sleep research and recommendations for children of all ages.
The Baby Sleep Site
has articles, resources, and solutions for various infant and toddler sleep issues.


Here ​is a great post on dealing with tantrums in 3- and 4-year-olds. The entire site is a great resource!

Faith-Based Parenting

I find a lot of helpful resources on The National Center for Biblical Parenting. They have seminars, courses, curricula, for married parents, single parents, and churches, including resources in Spanish. 
I've been known to refer to parenting as "the ultimate group project." (Those who know me know that I dislike group projects.) It becomes even more ultimate in blended/step families. For a faith-based assessment of your strengths and growth areas as partners and parents, check out the PREPARE/ENRICH Parenting Assessment
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